Navajo resources

The following are resources that present (transcribed or not transcribed) large sections of Navajo discourse (in different registers and styles). Where online access is possible, I have provided a link. Please note that I am not the creator of any of the following resources!

Recordings (some transcribed)

Collected Texts
  • Goddard, Pliny E. 1933. Navajo Texts. Anthropological papers of the American museum of natural history, vol. XXXIV, pt. I.  Online: (Or here).
  • Sapir, Edward and Harry Hoijer. 1942. Navaho Texts. Linguistic Society of America, University of Iowa. [Not available online, to my knowledge – EBA]
  • Young, Robert W. and William Morgan, ed. Navajo Historical Selections: Selected, edited and translated from the Navajo. Republished 2014 by Native Child Dinétah. [Reprints of Navajo language articles published between 1943 and 1957 in ‘Ádahooníłígíí. Navajo text and free English translations.]