Navajo Texts

The following are links to resources that I have found that do one (or more) of the following things:

  • Present (transcribed or not transcribed) large sections of Navajo discourse (in different registers and styles)
  • Comment on the structuring of Navajo discourse

Navajo conversation project. (Navajo Language Academy)

Oral history interview with Nita Nez – Navajo Rug Weaver. (Produced by students from Winona State University and Diné College).

Weather Report in the Navajo Language. (KTNN broadcast, transcribed by YouTube user daybreakwarrior).

Miss Navajo’s Valentine’s Day Message. (KTNN broadcast, transcribed by YouTube user daybreakwarrior).

Archuleta, Bernadette, Heather Cowan, Megan Hoffman, Steven Menefee, Lisa Pacheco, and Katy Pieri (authors), Melvatha Chee and Jalon Begay (consultants) (2006). “Áádóó: An Analysis of a Navajo Discourse Marker.” Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics 18: Proceedings from the Ninth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages. Online: (Or here)


Children’s Books

A Computer-Assisted Study of the Vocabulary of Young Navajo Children
Bernard Spolsky, Wayne Holm, Babette Holliday and Jonathan Embry
Computers and the Humanities
Vol. 7, No. 4 (Mar., 1973), pp. 209-218
Interview conducted in Navajo:,64672
Navajo transcript:,64679
English translation of interview:,64568