Grantwriting Resources

I have compiled links to documents and webpages with general information about how to write – and be awarded! – grants. I have focused in particular on resources with a connection to language education or Native communities, but have added a few broader resources as well.

Resources on ‘Letters of Inquiry’/’Letters of Interest’ (LOIs):

More comprehensive resources about all stages of the grantseeking process, including structuring the proposal and budget:

  • Grant Writing for Indigenous Languages by Dr. Ofelia Zepeda and Dr. Susan Penfield. 90 pages. Alternative link to same material.
    • Extremely useful! A must read.
    • Specifically addresses applications to the ‘Documenting Endangered Languages’ (DEL) program  offered jointly by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), but also extremely useful for grants from other sources.
    • Includes extensive grantwriting and brainstorming exercises.
    • Has links to funding sources other than the NSF and NEH.

  • Grant Writing Handbook by the Greater Victoria Community Funders’ Network. 24 pages.
    • Builds on a guide originally created by the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, which you can find here.
    • Guide’s focus not restricted to government grantmakers.
    • Some Canada or British Columbia-specific discussion, but most of the information is broadly applicable.
    • Includes sample application materials and templates, including budgets and timelines.

  • Funding Indigenous Peoples: Strategies for Support by Grantcraft, a project of the Foundation Center. 40 pages.
    • Different from the other resources posted above, since its target audience is foundations or funding agencies interested in funding work driven by Native and indigenous communities. This document highlights some of the priorities or interests that your potential funders may bring to the table.